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cat=5 There is absolutely no doubt in our minds that this site is incredibly unsafe, and that’s why we really can’t recommend Adult to anyone wanting to have a fun, legitimate hookup.Our numbers really don’t lie, either, and one look at our review results will prove that this site isn’t going to get you laid.

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cat=5 This kind of article will answer any and all health questions that you might have about sex, while Adult will just keep your wheels spinning uselessly:

Each and every e-mail was customized to their profiles, too.

It’s unfortunate, but out of those 180 e-mails, we only ended up receiving 18 responses.

It’s the kind of site that we wish we had available to us when we were just starting out on our online dating ventures, and for that reason, it’s the kind of site we really like to recommend to everyone starting now.

The main issue that we immediately have with Adult is that it jut doesn’t even try to reach out to women.

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