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I couldn't play guitar, and I couldn't do a Liverpool accent." The film explored the legendary music icon's teenage years and the emotionally charged family dynamics between Lennon, his mother and the aunt who largely raised him (portrayed by Kristin Scott Thomas).

The independent drama was directed by artist Sam Taylor-Wood, and she and Taylor-Johnson became off-screen lovers, eventually marrying.

I was happy, but now everyone’s just expecting me to do the same thing again.

A sequel was released in 2013, yielding more modest box office numbers. His character is a marijuana grower who, along with his friend and girlfriend, get mixed up with a Mexican drug organization.

Later that year, Taylor-Johnson co-starred opposite Keira Knightley in the Russian drama , based on the classic work by Leo Tolstoy.

In honor of their romance, we're looking back at their cutest moments together.

[on the impressive physicality of co-star Chris Hemsworth] You look around the room and the only one who has an essentially otherworldly superhero physique is Chris Hemsworth.

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