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It's understandable to an extent: his presence is all over level bad breakup is pretty ignorant of the circumstances.

It's also pretty demeaning to Aaliyah, since fans are well aware that she prospered as a smart and talented artist even without Kellys' production credits.

Never mind that she couldn't quite master the subtle brilliance behind that soft falsetto large enough to fill a room; overall, Shipp barely has a chance to skim the surface of who this young artist was.3.

The actor playing Young Aaliyah is the only one who even remotely studied her character.

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Barry and Jomo Hankerson, her uncle and cousin who respectively who handle Aaliyah's catalogue, were unwilling to cough up the rights to any of music or images for use in this low-budget Lifetime production. But this torrid take on Aaliyah's life only confirms that she deserves much, much better than this.Need to address emotional turmoil or a complex situation? Even before there were numerous rape and pedophilia accusations stacked against him, the relationship between the pair was still pretty reasonably disgusting, especially since they were both initially introduced when she was only 12.7.Just introduce a new character and simply ask her a couple questions. The latter part of Aaliyah's career was kickstarted by her heartache. Kelly physically exits the picture as soon as her parents find out about the nuptials, his presence lingers over Aaliyah's personal life and professional career.In fact, she was responsible for finding people like Timbaland and Missy — artists who were arguably even better than her Svengali and inarguably less exploitative.8. Okay, we know he's not — but seriously, the actor playing Aaliyah's older brother Rashad bears a striking resemblance to the rapper who also happens to have a fascination, to say the least, with Aaliyah and her entire web of collaborators.At least there was one person in the film who looked like a famous musical artist!

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