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So it is essential to watch what your cheater DOES and pay zero attention to what they say. But stay strong, because crazy hope that this person is going to fix this and stop hurting you — in the face of evidence to the contrary — is the number one reason why people stay stuck with cheaters. Inside their little baby monkey brains, they must be thinking…

You’re going to have to tie yourself to the mast and stuff cotton in your ears. Even though they get pricked and are bleeding and the entire experience sucks. It’s scary to leave the barbed wire monkey — but if you find the courage to do it, you’ll experience true monkeys. So, naturally you just pretend the investment isn’t really that bad. If you want to get unstuck, you have to take a hard, unvarnished look at your reality. Either you don’t tell anyone (and suffer alone or on online forums or in your therapists office), or you tell people and spend the rest of your marriage either avoiding everyone who hates your cheating spouse or convincing them that your Marriage Is Stronger For It.

We maintain a database of over 4,000 domestic violence programs.

I volunteered in medical records at this hospital, working toward a credit in college this past fall, and the volunteer coordinator told me I could use her as a reference.I have applied at a health system (this includes hospital and clinics; they are combined) for about a year and half, even back when I was in school.I got one interview in 2010 before I went back to school, but although the HR lady said I interviewed quite well, they let someone within have the position. Well, I promise you, unless you tend to these very basic things like remembering to eat and sleep (all very easy to blow off given that you’re in crisis), you aren’t going to have the wherewithal to act in your own best interest. Resist the urge to give in to feelings of paralysis.Chump Lady is not optimistic about reconciliation — and would hate to see you stuck in a bad situation longer because of false hope. Know that whatever happens you’re going to be okay.

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