2 dating david deangelo mastery woman

This might’ve worked in school, but now everyone avoids the guy who always has something to prove.

If this is you, people are more than likely laughing at you everywhere you go and saying, “Pfft, look at that dork!

Most importantly, if the Game is played by understanding social rules, then it helps to know how, when, and why they were programmed.

So now that we’re adults here, what ACTUALLY makes us look cool to women and other people, and what makes us look like an attention seeking dumbass?And I’ve often recommended some of the following books.For those who have kept up with my mailing list for a while or been to book signings, you know some of these and have probably read them.Not only was she not impressed, but she was hoping he missed one and fell so she could laugh at him for showing off.Instead of women and other people thinking you’re awesome, this only makes them think you have some serious issues, low self-esteem, and that maybe you’re unhappy with yourself.

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